What we do

Rental Ready are innovative one-stop Maintenance AND Cleaning contractors who focus on and outsource their services to Private people, New Developers, Rental Agencies, Real Estate agents, and Private Owners who rent out or sell properties. Rental Ready prepares these units and gets them RENTAL READY for the new tenant or owner. If you are not in the above market, please contact us for any Maintenance and Cleaning work.

We offer various month-to-month cleaning contracts to Shopping Centres, Offices and office blocks, Hotels, and even to private people.

We Clean

Bottom to top, no dust, no dirt.

We Fix

We Fix it from small to big jobs.

We Paint

Painting, waterproofing, roofs and roof leaks

Who are we?

Rental Ready is an independent Maintenance and Cleaning contractor whose basic focus is to get New Developments, Houses, Town houses, Shops, Offices Office Blocks, and mini-factories in a total Rental Ready condition for new tenants or new owners to occupy.

We will do it all. Inside and outside, to get it RENTAL READY

We also focus on the private market for any type of Maintenance and Cleaning work.

We do monthly maintenance for Town House complexes in and outside the units and on common property. Managing Agents are welcome to phone us for Maintenance and Cleaning needs in Complexes.

We are a knowledgeable team that are capable to do all types of Maintenance work.

Hand over your Maintenance and Cleaning requirements to us!

  • WE FIX

We do Maintenance and Cleaning work for Private People, New Developments, Houses, Townhouses, Shops and Offices, Office Blocks and also in townhouse complexes.


We will give honest advice and do free quotations on ALL your maintenance needs.

Cleaning of Properties

We leave you with a sparkling clean property.

Bottom-to-top wall wash, tile polish and seal, stove valet, wash and clean windows, vacuum carpets with deodorizer. Bathroom and shower valet. We detergent, wash, and clean cupboards. Window cleaning is a standard service.

We also Fit new globes, check plugs, pelmets and pelmet rings. Clean Blinds.

We will fix all the small little things like window handles, door handles and door locks, leaking taps and toilets blocked drains, cupboard handles, and loose shelves. We will also test the stove and report back. Same with plugs and lights. We Clean Gardens up to standard and do removal off rubble that has been left behind.

Rental Ready will check every possible thing that might need attention in a “unit” as described above and report back on it for a quotation to repair.

Painting, Carpet wash and pool cleaning are extras and will be on a quotation basis only.